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Closed Beta Is Starting At 16.08.2021

What's Aero Tales Online?

Aero Tales Online will dive you into the fantastic world of Aero. Create your personalized character and select your class.
Complete the story-based quests with your friends. You will find yourself in lots of daily challenges and competitions.
Play NOW!

Choose between 6 different character classes - pick the one you think the best!

Master of short-range weapons like blades. He's good at defending himself and approaching his enemy by leaping. Combat abilities of this character are moderate but he can become a devastating force thanks to buffs and defence stats.
The legendary sword artist of Aero World. She mainly uses swords and katanas. She can approach and attack her enemies rapidly through her fatal sword skills and sudden moves. She created her own sword-style while looking for revenge of her family and now she is a feared force of Aero World.
Known as eagle-eye in his town. Range does not matter for him, even he can hit a flying bird which is 15 meters away from him. As long as he keeps his distance from enemy, he can fight comfortably. But when the enemy gets closer, his situation gets harder.
When she was born, people used to go her village to see her fascinating beauty. When her age gets along she has become much more beautiful than before. Her beauty and war experiences combined with her body and became absolute beauty. The life has obliged her to use guns and she adapted the meaning of beauty to guns. She can stun the enemies through her astonishing and extraordinary beauty.
Master of Chi. His magical abilities are quite strong; however, he has some issues with defending and resistance. Thanks to his extended areal skill range and chi, he can cause huge damages in big areas. But he must abstain from close-fights even though he knows healing techniques.
This little girl may look like cute but she is actually a witch, a dangerous witch. She is using dark aura to create her art. This art can affect big areas and cause to massacres. This art is being heard across the Aero World and causes people to shudder when they hear. Although she is known as evil, she knows how to heal a person and be supportive.
Patch Notes: 0.0.1
Closed beta release!
Adventure Begins!
Be ready to start your new adventure!

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