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Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • The SSR version of each item has been added to the game, you can drop SSR items from all monsters with a low probability, SSR items have a visual glow effect and are much stronger than normal items.
    • Removed Shadowsy from startup items.
    • Level 1 SSR items have been added to startup for a limited time.
    • Directional abilities now deal damage to a maximum of 10 targets, just like AOE abilities.
    • Added some helpful tutorials for low-level players.
    • The selling price of some fish to NPC has been reduced.
    • Fixed in-game cinematics not playing.
    • Removed "You can't fly right now" text while fishing.
    • Some bugs caused by different time-zones have been fixed.
    • Added new quests in the 15-20 levels.
    • Added new quests between 54-60 levels.
    • Fisherman's Quest(Hard) requirements are adjusted.
    • Fisherman's Quest(EXPERT) has been added for level 70.
    • We are started to adjust 65-75 level quests for the next update.
  • MAP
    • Town Of Atarah map has been added to the game, you can enter from Redsand Desert.
    • Kenzo's Basement map has been added to the game, you can enter from the Highlands map.
    • The PvP Arena map has been completely redesigned.
    • Added helper blocks to the path to Ragnarok Mansion.
    • A new secret map added.
    • The order of dueling in the ranked arena has been changed.
    • Ranked arena entrances have been changed to 15:30-16:30 and 20:30-21:30, the arena event will now be opened 2 times on arena days, but Arena Manager Carlos items are now more expensive.
  • MOBS
    • Fixed Orc Boss skill target display.
    • Thunder Of Ragnarok Boss' drop rate has been greatly increased.
    • The running speed of the Demon Lord monster has been increased.
    • AGN9 improvements have been made, some works have been made against macro users.
    • Premium stall items have been added to the Premium tab, you can make your stall look more fancy and use all stall slots.
    • Premium wings and accessories have been moved to the costume tab.
    • A checkmark button has been added to the item placement UI for house item designing.
    • A visual has been added to the Arena King tag. You can earn this tag at the end of the month by placing first in the arena rankings. The tag is deleted every month and given to arena kings.