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Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • The cost of opening lucky boxes has been reduced.
    • Added a new structure behind the blacksmiths.
    • Fixed the Cerberus pet dying animation.
    • Directional abilities' damage reduction per monster decreased from 10% to 3%.
    • The shifts on the maps have been highly corrected.
    • You will gain a buff that allows you to get 5% extra exp when you are in the same party as your married partner.
    • Adventurer job points are now earned when the event ends in sudden war.
    • Increased the HP of Gatherer pets.
    • Added Discord button to the first splash screen.
    • Now, you can hide worn costumes.
    • Values you put into Auto Pot are now saved when you exit the game.
    • The animation of girl characters sitting on the ground has been changed.
    • Creatures will not hit you if you cannot connect to the game within 5 seconds of being dropped from the game.
    • Lucky Wheel is now smaller in size and closes automatically.
    • Devil Drako and Devil Wornak world bosses added to the game. You can get rare items from these bosses with a low chance. An announcement is made in the game when these bosses are born and when they die.
  • MAPS
    • Mystic Swamp map and Savior Tree dungeon added to the game.
  • MOBS
    • Fixed the issue where monsters would not spawn when entering private dungeons while mounted.
    • Now, monsters die when they step into the safe zone.
    • Azure Sky Dragon regeneration issue fixed.
    • 65-75 quests have been added to the game.
    • Limited tab in AC Shop has now been changed to the New tab, limited item sales will not be available for a while, except for event items.
    • The Premium Starter Pack has been added to the AC Shop, it can only be purchased once per character.
    • Glory Sun and Glory Moon costume sets have been added to the AC Shop.
    • The opponent is now selected automatically when you step onto the field in the arena.
    • Added Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese font support to the game.
    • Game interface now supports the Indonesian language.
    • AGN9 adjustments.