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Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • The Halloween event has been activated.
    • Halloween Merchant Winnie is stationed next to the Honam Kingdom central tree. You can buy valuable items for Sweet Candy.
    • You can obtain Sweet Candies every 2 hours you are in the game or from the Halloween Raid.
    • The Carnival map has been activated in Honam Kingdom.
    • Added Jack-o's Nest Raid to the game.
    • Login Screen edited for Halloween event.
    • The graphics of the Tonka Castle map have been renewed.
    • The graphics of the Hellmond map have been renewed.
    • Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese languages have been added to the game.
    • Fixed some unsupported character issues in fonts.
    • Random hair style change, hair color change, and eye color change items have been added to Premium NPC in Honam Kingdom.
    • Improved YouTube video not playing issue.
    • The background of the chat panel has been made more matte.
    • Now you can see the upgrade rates until upgrade level up to +5.
    • Now you can add friends from the selection panel by clicking on the players.
    • Now you can send party requests to players from your friend list.
    • Now you can press the "Revive Here" button in cities and arenas for free.
    • Now the current status of limited job progress is described.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera stays black or dull on some maps.
    • Remember Me button not work issue is fixed.
    • Mistake World Boss announcements are fixed.
    • Movement delay is fixed.
    • Pets' health has been greatly increased.
    • In-game optimizations improved.
    • Fixed some crash issues.
  • RAID
    • Now, if you have a Revive Scroll when you die in raids, you can use the "Revive Here" button without losing your raid right.
    • Raid bosses' drop rates have been increased.
    • Jack-o's Nest Raid added into the game.
    • Added a text on the Guild panel showing when the player was last active.
    • The exp limit of the last level Guilds has been removed for ranking.
  • MOBS
    • World bosses' health has been reduced by 50%.
    • Decreased the spawn time of Highlands and Hellmond bosses.
    • Reduced the size of some bosses.
    • You will now receive 1 arena medal for every 3 losses in Ranked Arena.
    • Card reward system has been introduced for Dungeon and Raid bosses. When the dungeon is completed, you can win a valuable item with a chance! (Must have an empty slot in your inventory)
    • Raid Runner Bob pet and Chewing Gum accessory added to AC Shop.