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Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • Added item collection sounds.
    • The animation of flying with wings has been changed, now it plays wing flapping animation while flying.
    • The Crystal Wings wing has been slightly enlarged.
    • You can now hide the normal mask slot.
    • The power of Master weapons and Master SSRs has been increased.
    • The guiding quest arrow that was in our head until level 20 will now help us up to level 30.
    • The guiding quest arrow has been improved and the in-game directions have been improved.
    • SSR items will now emit more glow when dropped.
    • Coordinate information has been added to the map panel.
    • Changed PM color and added (FROM) - (TO) tags indicating PM.
    • Stats are limited, the maximum stat is 363 at the moment.
    • Halloween login screen replaced with the normal login screen.
    • Added mouse attack mode option to the settings window.
    • Improved hit feel and hit effects.
    • Dash effect has been renewed.
    • Improved flight feel.
  • TASK
    • Added side quests for level 38-39.
    • Added daily quest for level 50.
    • Mail Service system was combined with the invite panel.
    • Added a system to hide the visual effects of other players in the settings window.
    • Added AFK and Offline market system.
    • Markets now stay open as long as you stay in the game. (MAX: 24 HOURS)
    • Premium markets remain open even if you exit the game. (MAX: 48 HOURS)
    • Added item locking system, locked items cannot be dropped, sold, or traded to NPCs in any way.
    • To lock or unlock the item, you must click the item with the 'mouse3' key while on the computer. (Mouse3: Middle wheel of the mouse)
    • Mobile users can lock the item by clicking the item normally and pressing the lock button from the pop-up window.
  • MOB
    • Reduced the attack speed of normal monsters.
    • The attack power of normal monsters has been increased.
    • Get hit animations are added to normal monsters.
  • RAID
    • Hulma's recommended level reduced from 50 to 30.
    • Azure Sky Dragon's recommended level reduced from 70 to 60.
    • Now ranked event will only start if there are more than 40 players on the channel.
  • CHAT
    • You can now write a world message with the # character in the general chat. Example: #Hi
    • You can now write a group message with the @ character while in the public chat. Example: @Hi
    • You can now write a clan message with the $ character in the public chat. Example: $Hi
    • You must now be at least level 15 to talk in the World chat.
    • Added player block system. You can ignore users' messages and requests with "/ignore nickname", you can unignore with "/unignore nickname".
  • MAP
    • The Honam Kingdom map has been completely redesigned. A nice central area was made for the players who set up the stall.
    • The Redsand Desert map has been removed from the game, and the Desert Canyon map has been added to the game instead.
    • The Temple Of Twilight map has been completely reworked graphically.
    • Hellmond skins have been graphically improved.
  • UI
    • The settings window has been redesigned.
    • Item display pages have been redesigned.
    • Demilune, Astral, Yakamoz, and Eclipse merge items can now be crafted to the next level. For Craft, you need to place 3 items of the same ratio, as in all craft items, there may be a failure situation.
    • The Wedding Ring in the AC Shop has been replaced with the Wedding Box. Both a wedding ring and a 7-day wedding dress & tuxedo costume set come out of the wedding box.
    • The Thief Koko collect pet has been added to the AC Shop.
    • The Halloween costumes have been temporarily added to the AC Shop, albeit belatedly.
    • Added Swag Glasses and Butterfly Glasses to AC Shop.
    • Class change item has been added to AC Shop.
    • Premium Stall Ticket prices have been increased as the offline market feature has been added.
    • Fixed the problems that occurred when turning the UI off and on.
    • Fixed graphical issues of SSR armors.
    • Fixed the issue where the skill went in the wrong direction around the edges of the Ranked Arena.
    • Fixed some issues that caused a crash when dashing. (Please let us know if it continues!)