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Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • 1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking system is added to the game. Level 50 and above can join the Competitive match pool.
    • The queue system has two ranking systems, local rank and world ranking.
    • Your rank is permanent, you can rank up when you win a match and, rank down when you lose a match.
    • The world ranking is reset every month, prizes are giving to the top 10 players in that month.
    • Matches are Best of 5 rounds (BOF 5). The person who wins 3 rounds of 5 rounds wins the match.
    • The team that wins the match is rewarded with EXP.
    • If the match is not over until the time is up, it will be draw and neither team will score points.
    • Players who do not show enough effort & leave in the match will be temporary banned from matchmaking and trust-factor negatively effected.
    • The match is only active in CH1.
    • Premium matchmaking feature added.
    • There are 18 ranks:
      • Bronze: I, II, III
      • Silver: I, II, III
      • Gold: I, II, III
      • Platinum: I, II, III
      • Diamond: I, II, III
      • Aero: I, II, King
    • Fixed problems with climbing castle walls that should not be exited.
    • At least 1 door must be broken now to attack the Frontier Seed.
    • Now, users who abuse bugs in Fortress War will be severely punished.
  • MAP
    • The Highlands map has been redesigned and optimized.
    • The Aztec Labyrinth map has been redesigned.
    • Garbage Slime boss eased, now can be solo kill.
    • Fixed the Mother Nature boss's skill line not appearing.
    • Big Grunt health reduced.
    • Bats on the Lotus Mine map no longer attack automatically.
    • Fixed the continuous alert sound when the Boss is in your field of view.
    • Added notification sound, notification sound will play when you receive a notification in your message box or receive a team invitation from the matchmaking panel.
    • Fixed ability animations not appearing when teleported to the field in Ranked Arena.
    • Most lag and teleport issues fixed.
    • Increased the size of the Ranger class's level 90 weapon.
    • Fixed the issue where mounts were left alone.
    • Fixed player movement teleportation problems.
    • Fixed the bug where the characters were invisible for some reason during the battle.
    • Fixed an issue with the friend adding system.
    • Fixed wall climbing problem with mounts.
    • Fixed the bug where monsters would appear overkill when doing co-op in the party.
    • Fixed position shift issue in Grand Fortress map drawing.
    • Fixed the issue where teleporting to a ranked arena while dead.
    • Fixed teleportation issues after stun abilities.
    • Your skills can sometimes be used to pass through the enemy, not do damage, etc. Major improvements have been made.
    • Adjusted low-level quests.
    • If a new event arrives while you are registered to a different event, The event request you missed, will now appear in your window again.
    • The Red Dragon costume set has been added to the game.
    • The Red Dragon weapon set has been added to the game.
    • The Great Dragon hat has been added to the game.
    • Guild wars are only available for players level 55 and above.
    • Now only level 3 guilds and above can join guild war.
    • Protection Flag has been added to Guild Manager, with this flag you can protect your clan against wars for 5 days.
    • Note: Guild versus Guild may change in the next updates.
  • CHAT
    • Added a maximum limit of 200 characters.
    • Fixed the issue where sometimes the keyboard wouldn't turn off on mobile users. (If you're still experiencing the issue, please let us know!)
    • We announced on 28.08.2022, "A wish of the player who reaches the first 100th level will be applied." KEORSA completed the event. Congratulations to him, as per his wish, a statue of KEORSA has been placed on the map of Honam Kingdom.