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Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • Our iOS platform work has been completed, iOS will be available this month.
  • [EVENT]
    • The Easter event has started until 24.04.2023 - 23.59 Server-Time.
  • [QUEST]
    • Extra 50-60 quests added to the game.
    • Raid quests have been moved to raid maps.
    • Now the fishing quests are easier.
  • [MAP]
    • The Rabbit Hole map has been added to the game with 50-60 quests, you can go from the Frozen Pole map.
    • Some NPCs have been reworked graphically.
    • A special language selection panel has been added to the login screen for the first login.
    • Losing EXP on death now applies to players of Level 80 and above.
    • Chance rate of elemental luck chests has been increased by 2x.
    • SSR Rings buffed.
    • Map lighting has been adjusted.
    • Luck Of Hellfire, Luck Of Ice Sky items have been added to the lucky wheel.
    • 1000AC, 3000AC, 5000AC packages have been added to the lucky wheel.
    • Ranked Arena experience reward has been increased.
    • Actions have been taken to prevent smurfing in the Ranked Arena.
    • Improved the matching search algorithm.
  • [ENGINE]
    • Game engine is updated to newer version.
    • Optimized RAM and performance.
  • [PET]
    • Flower Fairy(ATK) and Flower Ninja(COLLECT) pets have been added to the game, they can be permanently dropped from monsters in the Rabbit hole map with a low probability.
  • [GUIDE]
    • Added an extra guide for beginner PC players.
    • CRIT. probability will be taken as a percentage according to the rate written on the stat panel.
    • CRIT. damage reduced from 1.4x to 1.25x.
    • RANGER
      • Stun skill cast times increased.
      • The stun duration of the Ranger class's Void bomb ability has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.6 seconds.
      • Increased the range of the Ranger class's Ultimate.
      • Cursed shuriken casting animation has been accelerated.
    • WITCH
      • Sky Pulse casting animation has been accelerated.
      • Ritual Blast casting animation has been accelerated.
      • Water Spell ability can now be used while running.
  • [RAID]
    • Raid login limits added.
    • Hulma: Minimum level 25 and above.
    • Azure Sky Dragon: Minimum level 50 and above.
    • Celestial Spirit: Minimum level 75 and above.
  • [BUG FIX]
    • Fixed the issue where characters sometimes appear to be floating.
    • Fixed the issue where the wing animation would not play while flying.
    • Fixed the issue where the enhancement glow was not visible on some SSR weapons.
    • Fixed some skill descriptions.
    • Fixed the Devil Drako world boss not spawning.
    • Fixed a bug about talk to NPC button on mobile devices.
  • [AC SHOP]
    • Starlight set has been added to AC Shop.
    • Added X-Mask to AC Shop.