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Happy 1st anniversary, Aero Tales Online!

  • 100% EXP Event started for 24 hours! Afterward, the 20% EXP Event will continue for 1 Month.
  • 02.08.2023 - Server time event calendar is listed below.
    • 13.00 - Three times of hide and seek: Reward 10.000 AC
    • 14.00 - Pet racing event: Prize 10.000 AC
    • 15.00 - Boss event (Hulma, Azure Dragon, Celestial)
    • 16.00 - 1 Gold market event
    • 17.00 - Race event (3 People who come first to a random map) Reward: 10.000 AC
    • 18.00 - Boss Event (Hulma, Azure Dragon, Celestial)
    • 19.00 - Player seeking event! Reward: 10.000 AC
    • 20.00 - 2v2 Power equalized tournament PvP event. Reward: 5.000 AC per Match Won

Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • Added extra skill slot for mount on mobile.
    • Added tag effect for God Mode tag.
    • Added tag effect for Beta Tester tag.
    • Friend list limit increased from 30 to 50.
    • Monster names become evident and the colors of the names will now change according to the power level of the monsters towards you.
      • The dark gray name indicates that the monster is much weaker than you and will not give experience.
      • The gray name indicates that the monster is weak and will give little experience.
      • The white name indicates that the monster is suitable for your level and will give good experience.
      • The red name indicates that the monster is stronger than you and will give average experience.
      • The dark red name indicates that the monster is much stronger than you and will give little experience.
    • Performance improvements have been made on the DigiNet Arena map.
  • [MAP]
    • The Sudden War map has been completely renewed.
    • All item descriptions have been translated into supported languages.
  • [SYSTEM]
    • AOE Skill Assist and Directional Skill Assist have been added to the game settings for mobile users. When you activate these options, the initial aiming position of the skills will be above the target.
    • The fishing system has been renewed.
      • When the cursor is on the green area, you can fill the fishing bar by pressing PUSH or SPACE, when the bar is full, you will catch the fish.
  • [FIXES]
    • Adjusted the handle part of the Night Bow skin.
    • Fixed a bug in Red Clan Shoes(M) production cost.
    • Fixed bugs related to Devil Drako.
    • Some UI adjustments have been made.
    • Fixed some bugs related to light monsters in the Tower Of Sky map.
    • Fixed the Orc Boss monster's red carpet.
    • Adjusted Lucky Wheel and Piano UIs.
  • [QUEST]
    • Fish quest experience rewards increased.
    • Mystic Swamp patrol quest experience rewards increased.
    • Premium tasks in the Matchmaking panel now easier. You can earn rewards by winning fewer matches.
  • [AC SHOP]
    • Beater costume set has been added to the AC Shop.
    • The Sunlight weapon set has been added to the AC Shop.
    • You can now preview houses before purchasing them.
    • Estimated iOS release date: this week!
    • We continue to improve on the problem of the target appearing in the wrong place after the stun.

Here is the list of changes in this patch. You can click to see full list.

    • The game login screen has been renewed.
    • Lucky Wheel contents have been renewed.
    • Daily login rewards have been renewed.
    • Added the name of the other-side to the trade panel.
    • Stat information has been added to the stat panel, you can see it by holding the mouse over the upgrade button.
    • Panel page switching buttons on mobile devices have been enlarged.
    • Now, 2 lines of text will appear when the chat panel is in minimized mode on mobile devices.
    • The level of losing experience on death has been reduced from level 80 to level 70.
    • Added jump animation to mounts.
    • Fixed delays in player jump animations.
  • [SOUND]
    • Added skill enhancement sounds.
    • Boss alert sound has been changed.
  • [SYSTEM]
    • Costume Bank added to the game, you can access it from the banker in Honam Kingdom.
    • You will get bonus effects per page you fill in this bank.
    • The dash cooldown now appears as a buff under the character panel.
    • Now, some Bosses can spawn small creatures during battle.
    • Added an option to adjust skillbar size for mobile users in settings/game settings window.
  • [MAP]
    • Autmn Fields map has been added to the game, you can switch from Mystic Swamp and Morning Plains maps.
    • You can now fly on the Rabbit Hole map.
    • Red Clan Hideout dungeon has been added to the game, you can enter from the Autmn Fields map.
    • The lever in the Elegant dungeon can no longer be used without killing the boss.
    • Sky Tower dungeon in Skyland has been activated with a nice quest for level 50 and above players, it can only be played solo.
  • [ITEM]
    • Level 75 Red Clan Armor and Red Clan Shoes items have been added to the game.
    • They can be crafted with Red Clan Armor Recipe and Red Clan Shoes Recipe items, these items are rare and drop from Red Clan monsters in the Autmn Fields map and from the Red Clan Hideout dungeon.
  • [QUEST]
    • Added a new dungeon quest for players level 50 and above.
    • Added daily matchmaking arena quest for players level 50 and above.
    • Added new map and dungeon quests for players level 75 and above.
    • Added daily Mystic Swamp patrol quest for Levels 65-85.
    • Added level caps for the Frozen Pole Patrol(Max:65), Highlands Patrol(Max:80), and Forbidden Desert Temple Patrol(Max:40) quests.
    • The medal earning system has been changed. Now they will receive:
      • 50-60 levels Bronze Medal,
      • 60-80 levels Silver Medal,
      • 80-100 levels Gold Medal,
      • Higher level medal items can buy lower level medal items.
  • [AC SHOP]
    • Added Promo Code system.
    • The Eternal Lucky Box item has been added to the AC Shop, with a low probability you can get the Legendary "Phoenix Of Eternity" mount from this chest.
    • Highschool costume set has been added to AC Shop.
    • Added Dark Night weapon set to AC Shop.

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